Apex Surgery Center Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary

Apex Surgical Center Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary with Expanded Surgical Offerings

Apex Surgical Center celebrated its two-year anniversary this week on Thursday, July 13th in Westmoreland, NY.

Over six thousand surgeries and procedures have been performed at the outpatient surgical center, which now boasts over 30 full time and part time healthcare professionals. Surgeries have included orthopedic, plastic, pain, urology and podiatry procedures. By the fall of 2017, Apex will once again expand to include offering total knee, hip, and shoulder replacements.

Over 130 Ambulatory Surgery Centers in the US are already performing 1000s of same day total joint replacements with outstanding results, allowing patients to receive excellent surgical outcomes along with the satisfaction of choosing to recover in the comfort of their homes.

“Our patient feedback on their surgical experience here at Apex has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Apex CEO Geoffrey Smith. “We’re proud to provide continued access to a progressive, alternative surgical experience to the local healthcare community.”

On behalf of the Apex Surgery Center owners, Oneida Healthcare, Dr. David Patalino, Dr. Russell LaFrance, Dr. Greg Orlando, Dr. Michael Zahn, Dr. James Dennison, Dr. Rudolf Buckley, Dr. Andrew Wickline, Dr. Ivan Gowan, Dr. Raymond Meeks, and Dr. Denny Battista, Apex Surgical Center would like to express their gratitude to the patients, family and community members who have supported their efforts over the last two years.